organisational design

Responding to the demands of your partners – through developing a better understanding of what you want, getting better information about their experience of your service and using this to improve the design of how you work with them.

Skills, capacity and capability reforms – to make sure your staff have the skills, equipment and leadership to deliver world-class levels of service.

Leadership from the centre – how the head of each department can better lead by focusing on strategy, managing performance and ensuring staff have the right skills.

Improving the way you work together – is the way you work the right model for the task rather than an accident of history?

The right structure for the right organisation:

A functional structure: Divides an organisation into ‘functional’ areas such as marketing, production and finance each with its own hierarchy. Relevant to a simple production company but can be inflexible.

A systems approach: This structure looks at an organisation as groups of inter-relating elements that require co-ordination and information. This acknowledges the dynamic nature of business and recognises that static structures inhibit decision making.

  • The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative
  • Sydney Hart Ltd, UK
  • The Sustainable Trade Initiative, IDH (Netherlands)