private standards Modern retailing, brand integrity, certification, audits, policy writing, protocols, best practice, project management, compliance strategy.
  • International Featured Standards (Germany, France, Spain, Italy): I worked with the leadership team to deliver a strategic review of the market and to develop a business plan. The process included the delivery of an evaluation process through interviews with key retailer and manufacturer stakeholders.
  • Morrisons (UK): I worked in a team to deliver an independent evaluation of the Morrisons commercial procurement of fruit and vegetables. I recruited and led a team that considered technical arrangements, including a look at supplier management, specifications and quality control.
  • International Trade Center (ITC) Standards Map: The ITC Standards Map provides information on over 170 standards, codes of conduct, audit protocols addressing sustainability hotspots in global supply chains. I inserted the 2015 GFSI Global Markets Manufacturing revision into this portal which provides users with an opportunity through self-assessment to find out how their own quality management system match the GFSI requirements.
  • Global Food Safety Conference 2015, Kuala Lumpur: I was interviewed for two 3M sponsored conference videos. The first used the hamburger as a global example to show the need for shared responsibility in food safety. The second video, written my me, was titled 'Roadmap to Certification and Market Access'.
  • Global Certification Body: I delivered a confidential market review and analysis for the business development team to support a business acquisition.
  • Consumer Goods Forum (CGF). Global Food Safety Initiative: Throughout 2014, I worked closely with the Technical Working Group for the Global Markets Programme leading a revision of their manufacturing scope. The Programme was started in 2008 to provide a new entry point for small or less developed companies that aspire to achieve market access and certification to GFSI recognised food safety schemes. I edited the Checklist, the Protocol and the Training and Competency Framework to ensure a consistent language. I guided the revision through multiple consultations with global stakeholders and developed a fully functional Excel Checklist.
  • Woolworth’s (Australia). I created a risk based standard for non-food products that will deliver quality, safety and legality through a controlled second party audit and testing process. This work was able to use and adapt existing models to deliver a relevant positioning of Woolworths requirements as well as a cost-effective development process.
  • Consumer Goods Forum (France) I am a registered expert for their Global Social and Environmental Compliance Program (GSCP) Equivalence Process. Variations in social compliance and environmental compliance standards, audit process and methodology as well as requirements for auditing competence make it difficult for Organisations to recognise and accept audit reports coming from other schemes. The GSCP Equivalence Process will help companies and initiatives overcome this by allowing them to benchmark their systems, tools and processes against agreed best existing practice as described in the GSCP reference tools
  • The International Supply Chain Conference. I facilitated a workshop session at the conference in Amsterdam titled ‘The future of standards.’ Panellists will discuss how standards for sustainability are perceived and how the policy agenda may develop over coming years.
  • Kimberly-Clark Professional: I have advised their global marketing team on a strategic engagement with the global food processing industry, providing a focus on GFSI.
  • GFSI: Benchmarking Requirements v7: A summary for stakeholders
    I wrote this short paper to summarise the complex new Guidance Document for GFSI stakeholders attending the 2016 Global Food Safety Conference in Berlin.
  • Panda Supermarkets is the largest food retailer in Saudi Arabia. I supported their commercial team with technical strategic planning that includes private label policy, supplier management, quality assurance, distribution practices and retail operations.
  • Moderating The Big Debate at the International Food Safety Conference.
    Panel: Ezzeddine Boutrif, FAO Italy; Marinus Huige, WTO Netherland; John Lamb, World Bank USA; Kevin McKinley, ISO Switzerland; Terry Babbs, Tesco UK; Donna Garren, NRA USA; Yves Rey, Danone France; Mile Burness, Chiquita/Fresh Express USA (PDF)
  • Position Paper for the Global Food Safety Initiative (the world’s five largest retailers). “Once certified, accepted everywhere. Standards, harmonisation and co-operation in the global food industry” (PDF)
  • Strategic development for IT Service Provider working with brands and retailers.