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GFSI:Executive Summary of the 14th Global Food Safety Conference, March 2016 (PDF)
IFS: Achieving certification to IFS Food – more than a piece of paper (PDF)
IFS Global Markets - Food: Building capacity for food safety (March 2016) (PDF)
GFSI: Executive Summary of the 13th Global Food Safety Conference, March 2015 (PDF)
GFSI: Global Markets Programme: Case Study - Metro in Serbia and Bulgaria. (PDF)
GFSI: Global Markets Programme: Case Study - Aeon in Malaysia. (PDF)
GFSI: "Safe food for consumers everywhere" A year of promise lies ahead for the food industry’s flagship technical and quality alliance. (PDF)
Food Quality Magazine, Issue 2 Page 10: GFSI: "Safe food for consumers everywhere" The food world's biggest story of technical cooperation.
Kimberly-Clark: The true cost of audit failure. The real impact on the food processing business. June 2014. (PDF)
Kimberly-Clark: Understanding failure. Costs, lessons and a new approach to food safety audits. June 2014. (PDF)
OECD and IDH: The Sustainable Trade Initiative - Building Green Global Value Chains: Committed public-private coalitions in agro-commodity markets, April 2013 (PDF)
GFSI: Executive Summary of the 10th Global Food Safety Conference, April 2011 (PDF)
The Sustainable Trade Initiative: The Better Cotton Fast Track Programme - accelerating the cultivation of cotton that’s better for the people who produce it and for the environment where its grown. March 2011 (PDF)
Pulse Canada: Measure What Matters - The search for farming’s triple bottom line , Nov 2010 (PDF)
Sustainable Food Laboratory: Public Interest in Private Label - How new relationships between NGOs and retailers can help build trade to benefit the developing world’s small scale farmers, July 2010 (PDF)
The Sustainable Trade Initiative: The drive for sustainable food production, supply and consumption. Retailers and their policies for sustainability Nov 2009 (PDF)
Pulse Canada: Give Peas a Chance – The case for more pulses in the field and on the plate, Nov 2009 (PDF)
GSCP: Beyond the curve – how business is building a joint approach to improve the respect of international labour standards in the supply chain, Dec 2008 (PDF)
GFSI: Newsletter Dec 2008 (PDF)
Cryolog: A Fresh approach to labelling. How innovation in labelling can help build confidence in freshness. August 2008 (PDF)
IIED: Fresh Perspectives – Improving Buyer Awareness, July 2008 (PDF)
Sustainable Food Laboratory: Ethiopian White Beans – Linking smallholder Ethopian Bean Farmers to formal markets, July 2008 (PDF)
GFSI: Newsletter, June 2008 (PDF)
IIED: Training Food Buyers – Trading for Development, May 2008 (PDF)
DFID: Procurement Forum: issues and background paper – March 2008 pdf (PDF)
GFSI: Once certified, accepted everywhere – standards, harmonization and co-operation in the global food industry Feb 2008 (PDF)
Ethical Corporation: Big vs Small, June 2007 (PDF)
GFSI: International Food Safety Conference – Chairman's speech, Paris Feb 2006 (PDF)
GFSI: Benchmarking Requirements v7: A summary for stakeholders
This short paper summarised the complex new Guidance Document for GFSI stakeholders attending the 2016 Global Food Safety Conference in Berlin.